Thinglink + Chemistry = Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

ThingLink is one of my favorite tools for playing with media which is why I’ve written more than a dozen posts about it in the last two years. ThingLink allows you to create interactive images by adding links, text, videos, and audio recordings to any static image that you own (click here for a how-to video). ThingLink’s image remix option allows you to upload an image and have others re-use it to create their own interactive images.

One way to use ThingLink in a science class is to have students create interactive periodic tables. You could have each student create his or her own periodic table or you could assign each student one element to report on in a shared image of the periodic table. Students could add to the table short videos about each element. You could also have students create Google Documents about each element then publish those documents to the web to link them to a periodic table image in ThingLink. Take a look at some of these periodic table images used in ThingLink.

Thinglink can be used by students who are under the age of 13 and or do not have email addresses. To enable your students who are under 13 and or do not have email addresses you should register as a teacher on Thinglink Edu. As registered teacher on Thinglink Edu you can create and manage student accounts. In the screenshots in the slides below will walk you through the process of creating Thinglink accounts for your students.


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