ClipPod – Shared Notes and Attachments for Google Calendars

Update: October 2019. This tool no longer exists. 

ClipPod is a neat Google Calendar add-on that allows you to share notes and attachments through Google Calendar events. By adding ClipPod to your Google Calendar you can have conversations with your collaborators about your calendar events. While Google Calendar already allows you to add attachments to event details, ClipPod’s attachments option allows you and your collaborators to exchange notes about your shared attachments.

Applications for Education
ClipPod could be a handy add-on to use when you are trying to schedule and plan a meeting with colleagues. Rather than a string of emails or a collaborative document, you can have all of your notes and files connected directly to a date and time on a calendar.

To get the most benefit from using ClipPod all of your calendar collaborators will need to have ClipPod installed.


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