Padlet Adds a New Layout Option

Today, during the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp I discovered a new layout option in Padlet. In addition to the free form and stream layouts there is now a grid layout option. Selecting the grid option in the “modify wall” menu will snap your free form notes into a grid.

Applications for Education
Padlet (formerly known as Wall Wisher) is a tool that has been used by teachers in a variety of ways for years now. I’ve often used as a collaborative know-want-learn chart and as an exit ticket tool. Padlet works on interactive whiteboards, on iPads and Android tablets, and in the web browser on your laptop.

In the guide embedded below I provide step-by-step directions for using Padlet in your classroom. The guide also includes ideas and directions for using Socrative and TodaysMeet. You can download the guide here and view it as embedded below.


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