Made From History is a Must-bookmark for History Teachers and Students

Made From History is a fantastic history resource that I learned about from Larry Ferlazzo. The site features picture essays, timelines, videos, and interactive guides to significant events in European and World history. Made From History is divided into four sections; WWI, WWII, Civil Rights, and Referenced Blog.

The Referenced Blog features picture essays that don’t fit into one of the other three categories. Some of the recent posts on the Referenced Blog featured images of Shackleton’s expedition, small countries with crazy histories, and vintage American posters.

Applications for Education
In the WWI, WWII, and Civil Rights sections of Made From History the guides provide an excellent mix of images, maps, and text to provide context for the timelines. The visual nature of the essays on Made From History will grab students’ attention and have them jumping from entry to entry.

Overall, Made From History is a great example of how a digital resource can be a better option than a traditional textbook. Made From History’s section on the American Revolution offers more content than what I’ve seen in many elementary and middle school history textbooks.


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