What Is a “H/T?” and Why You See Them In My Posts

A couple of days ago Angela McDurmon asked me if I could share an example of using “H/T” at the end of some of my blog posts. She is preparing a social media guide for teachers and needed an example. Her request made me realize that there are probably some people wondering what a H/T is and why I include it at the end of some of my posts.

H/T, short for hat tip, is a quick way to acknowledge the source of an idea or resource that you share in a blog post. The two posts previous to this one have H/T followed by a link at end. For example, my post about The Invasion of America map was inspired by a Google Maps Mania post. My post took a slightly approach to sharing the map than the Google Maps Mania post. None-the-less I wouldn’t have had an idea for the post without reading Google Maps Mania so I gave attribution.


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