Literacy Lessons With the Electric Company

The Electric Company has come a long way since I was kid watching it on a black and white TV that had tinfoil on the antennae. The lessons taught by The Electric Company are now found online through PBS Learning Media.

PBS Learning Media offers a huge collection of resources for teaching students of all ages. The Electric Company collection of literacy lessons is designed for students from ages six through nine. The Electric Company literacy lessons are focused on helping students decode sounds and words, build their vocabularies, and improve their reading comprehension skills. The Electric Company’s literacy lessons use short instructional videos (some of them are kind of corny) along with some interactive activities to help students toward becoming better readers.

Applications for Education
The videos on their own are not going to mean too much to students unless they’re used as part of a larger lesson. PBS Learning Media offers a huge collection of lesson suggestions that you can use in conjunction with the videos from The Electric Company.


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