Spell Up – A Fun Way to Learn to Spell in Chrome

Spell Up is a fun new Google Chrome experiment. Spell Up is a game in which you hear a prompt to spell a word then have to speak into your laptop or Chromebook to see the word spelled on your screen. If you spell the word correctly it stays on the screen where it becomes part of a tower of words. If you spell a word incorrectly, it will fall off the screen and you will be prompted to try again (you can skip a word after a few tries). Learn more about Spell Up in the video below.

Applications for Education
Spell Up could be a fun way for students to practice spelling new words. In my test of the game I had to articulate my letters very carefully or my words were not recognized as being spelled correctly. For example, “b” and “p” were difficult in my testing and knowing myself I’m sure that Spell Up would have difficulty with my “f” and “s” sounds. In that regard Spell Up could be good for helping students practice correcly articulating their sounds.


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