Science Friday – Science Lesson Plans and Interesting Science Videos

Science Friday is a must-bookmark for teachers and students of science. On Science Friday you will find interesting videos and articles about a wide array of topics in chemistry, biology, physics, space science, and much more. As the name implies, new videos appear on Fridays. One of the videos from earlier this month that I like is about crystal formation in chocolate.

Each video is accompanied by a set of links for further reading on the topic. One of the links accompanying the video above takes you to this 33 page PDF about the science of candy.

Applications for Education

Science Friday offers lesson plans, many of them hands-on, that you can find in the education section of the site. To find a lesson plan just click a word in the word cloud on the education page. Each lesson plan includes a suggested grade level and links to the national science standards addressed in the lesson. Lighting Up Celery Stalks is one of the featured biology lesson plans that I think students will enjoy.


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