Quill – Writing Worksheets Made Interactive

Quill is a service that provides an updated take on the old writing worksheets that most of us used in elementary school and middle school. The service offers more than just the writing practice activities, but that is its core feature. Here’s how it works; students sign-in (email is not required) to find the worksheets that you have assigned to them. The worksheets contain spelling and grammar errors that your students have to identify and correct. Students submit their corrections and Quill shows them how they did by showing what they did correct and what they should have corrected. An explanation accompanies each Quill correction.

To assign a Quill worksheet to your students sign-in and create a class. Your class will have a code that your students enter when they sign in to use Quill. After creating your class you can start to browse through the pre-made worksheets. Each worksheet is labeled according to the writing skill that your students will practice while working on the worksheet. You can see the results of your students’ work through your Quill dashboard. Learn more about Quill in the video below.

Applications for Education
The concept behind Quill isn’t a revolutionary idea, but it is well-executed. Having the pre-made activities at your disposal and having the opportunity to quickly see how your students did on each activity will free up some of your time. You can then use that time differentiating activities to match the needs of individual students.


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