Online and In-person Summer PD Opportunities With Me

As the school year winds-down over the next month some of you may be thinking about summer professional development opportunities. I received a few emails last from folks who wanted to know what kind of PD opportunities I offer outside of school visits (if you would like to have me visit your school or conference, please click here). This summer I am offering one in-person PD event in Maine and four online PD opportunities.

The Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp is the two day workshop that I host at the Sunday River Resort. Early Camper registration has just been extended to the end of May.

If your school is transitioning to Google Apps for Education or you want to improve your current level of GAFE use, then consider registering for Getting Ready for GAFE. Getting Ready for GAFE is a five week course covering everything you need to know to be ready to integrate Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Sites into your practice in the new school year. I’m a section of the course in June, July, and August. Register online and use the promo code PETGAFE by June 1st to save $15.

Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is a three week webinar series that I am offering in June. Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is designed to help teachers and school leaders develop an understanding of the many ways they can use blogs and social media (Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and more) to enhance communication between school and home. After learning about how each of the tools works we’ll dive into developing strategies for implementation. Click here to register online and save $10 by using the promo code “blog” by June 1st.

About the costs and my decision to advertise these opportunities on my blog:
Sometimes when I advertise one of these webinars I get messages from people who are upset that I am advertising it here and or that I am charging for it. I understand why some people feel that way. I thought long and hard about how to offer these opportunities. In fact, I thought about it and talked about it with trusted advisors for a year before offering the first webinar series last year. The purpose of this blog and my goal for years has always been to help people use free technology in their classrooms. The tools and strategies featured in my webinars and at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp are free to use. However, my time for teaching isn’t free. Further, I pay licensing fees to GoToTraining and to Wistia for hosting all of the media content of the courses.


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