Namez Helps You Learn the Pronunciation of a Person’s Name

Namez is a new service that is designed to help people learn how to pronounce names. The service has two main aspects, to help you pronounce the names of other people and to help you help others pronounce your name.

To help others learn how to pronounce your name Namez provides a recording tool. You can record the pronunciation of your name then embed the recording into a blog or add it to the signature of an email.

To help you learn to pronounce the names of other people Namez offers a gallery of recordings through which you can listen to pronunciations. Namez is still in beta and the gallery of recordings is fairly limited at this point. Hopefully, the gallery will grow quickly.

Applications for Education
Namez could be a good service to use if you have a name that people often mispronounce. When you send out a “welcome back to school” email or blog post at the beginning of the school year, use Namez to help students and their parents learn how to pronounce your name. Pronouncing my surname, Byrne, is tricky for some students.

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