Clipix – Create Portfolios of Files and Bookmarks

When we look for tools to create collections of files and bookmarks there is certainly not a shortage of options. Clipix is one such tool that I recently tried. Clipix will remind you of Pinterest or eduClipper in that you can “clip” images, videos, and links to save on digital clipboards. Clipix also supports uploading files from your computer to your Clipix clipboards. Each of the clipboards that you create in your Clipix account can be kept private or made public. There is also a privately shared option that can be used for collaborating on clipboard creation. Learn more about Clipix in the video below.

Clipix’s basic functions are very similar to other services in the same market. The user interface on Clipix feels less cluttered to me than that of some of its competitors. The option to customize your clipboard background is a nice touch too.

Clipix offers Android and iOS apps that will synchronize with your online Clipix account.

Applications for Education
Clipix could be a good option for high school and college students who are looking for a tool to help them organize their research by course. Students could create a different clipboard for each course that they are taking. Each clipboard could be used to save bookmarks while doing research in each course or the clipboards could be used to simply organize projects that they have completed in each course.


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