A Handy New Tool for Giving Proper Attribution When Using Flickr Images

A couple of years ago Alan Levine published a Chrome extension that correctly formatted the attribution of Creative Commons licensed images found on Flickr. Unfortunately, the latest update to Flickr’s user interface broke that extension. Not to be kept down by Flickr, Alan has released a new browser bookmarklet for quickly formatting Creative Commons licensed images found on Flickr. Click here to read Alan’s explanation of the process he used to create this handy new tool. I encourage you to read the explanation of how it was created, but if you just want to jump to the Flickr CC Attribution Helper it can be found here.

To use the Flickr CC Attribution Helper drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. (If you’re using Chrome, you may have to go into the settings and select “always show bookmarks bar” before dragging the bookmarklet into your browser). Then whenever you’re viewing an image on Flickr you can click the bookmarklet to get a pop-up window (make sure your browser allows pop-ups) containing the properly formatting attribution information.

Applications for Education
Besides offering a great way to make sure that your students are giving proper attribution for images they find on Flickr, the Flickr CC Attribution Helper will tell students if an image is not a Creative Commons licensed work. See my screenshots below for a visual explanation of this feature.


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