Find Science Lesson Plans, Videos, and Animations on BioInteractive

HHMI’s BioInteractive is a good place for science teachers to search for science lesson plans, videos, animations, and slideshows to use with students. You can search the BioInteractive library according to topic, keyword, or resource type. The lesson plans that I looked at on BioInteractive included PDFs to distribute to students as well as videos to use while carrying out the lesson.

Applications for Education
The resources available through HHMI’s BioInteractive appears to be best suited for high school settings. The “click and learn” activities available on BioInteractive could be good to assign to students to view as homework prior to a lesson on the topic. Take a look at this click and learn activity about the electrical activity of neurons to get a sense of what HHMI’s BioInteractive offers to teachers and students.


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