Sprinter vs. Marathoner – A Quick Science Lesson

I’m neither a sprinter nor a marathoner (I run only if chased), but I still found the following short video to be interesting. Sprinter vs. Marathoner is a short video that explains the roles of fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers in determining speed, endurance, and physique.

H/T to Martin Warlick for the above video.

As the creators of Sprinters vs. Marathoners noted on their YouTube page, they did make one mistake in which they mixed up the metric and imperial system once. Overall, the video could be a good introduction to an anatomy and physiology lesson that students can relate to.

Speaking of sprinters, the Minute Physics video Usain Bolt vs. Gravity offers a short lesson on gravity and acceleration. In Usain Bolt vs. Gravity viewers learn why Usain Bolt could run ten meters faster than a diver can fall ten meters, but after that the diver wins. The video is embedded below.


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