How to Make Posts Sticky in WordPress, Kidblog, and Edublogs

When you’re using blogs in your classroom there may be some posts that you want to keep at the top of the page rather than letting them get pushed down by new entries. For example, if you’re students are contributing to a group blog, you might want to keep the instructions post pinned to the top of the list of posts. Or you might want to keep a reminder about an upcoming due date posted at the top of the page. These kinds of posts are called “sticky” posts and they’re easy to create on, Kidblog, Edublogs, or any other blog running on the software.

To create a sticky post in any of the aforementioned services follow these steps.
1. Write your post as you normally do.
2. Before publishing the post open the “visibility” menu on the right side of your post editor.
3. Click “stick this post to the front page.” Your sticky post will stay at the top until you uncheck “stick this post to the front page.”

To make an existing post a sticky post follow these steps.
1. Open your list of all posts.
2. Click “quick edit” below the title of the post that you want to make sticky.
3. Check “make this post sticky.”


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