Kahoot Adds New Features for Creating and Displaying Quizzes In Students’ Browsers

Kahoot is a slick service for creating and delivering quizzes to your students’ tablets, iPads, and laptops. On Kahoot you create a quiz or survey that your students respond to through any device that has a web browser (iPad, Android device, Chromebook). Your Kahoot questions can include pictures and videos. As the teacher you can control the pace of the Kahoot quiz or survey by imposing a time limit for each question. As students answer questions they are awarded points for correct answers and the timeliness of their answers. A scoreboard is displayed on the teacher’s screen

Recently, Kahoot added a couple of handy new options for teachers. You can now duplicate quizzes that you have made or duplicate any quiz that has been publicly shared by another teacher. Duplicated quizzes can be edited. This would be handy if you teach multiple sections of the same course and want to use the same basic questions in each section, but want to change the order for each class.

The other new feature in Kahoot is an option to embed YouTube videos into the “waiting” room that students see while waiting for you to start an activity. This could be a good way to share a video that introduces or reviews the content your students are about to be quizzed on.

Applications for Education

Students do not need to have a Kahoot account in order to participate in your activities. To participate they simply have to visit Kahoot.it then enter the PIN code that you give to them to join the activity. Using Kahoot, like Socrative and Infuse Learning, could be a good and fun way to conduct review sessions in your classroom. Using Kahoot could also be a good way to gather informal feedback from your students.


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