How Google Search Works and A Whole Bunch of Search Tips

Google’s Inside Search is a good place to find information about how Google search works and to find a slew of search tips. How Search Works is an animated graphic that reveals the basics of how websites are sorted, ranked, and presented to you in your search results. More information is revealed as you scroll down the How Search Works graphic.

The Inside Search Tips and Tricks list highlights the kinds of information that you can discover through Google Search. Some of the tips and tricks highlighted include finding currency and measurement conversions, searching by file type, and using the advanced image search tools. These tips and tricks are what I would rate as beginner tips. To get more advanced search tips I recommend visiting Dan Russell’s blog.

Applications for Education
To help your students develop their search skills try some of Google’s search challenges and lessons. Or you can try developing your own search challenges as I outlined in this post.

Click here to open and download a PDF of ten search tips for students.


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