Chrome Desktop Apps Now Available for Mac Users

A few months ago Google introduced Chrome Desktop Apps. Today, those apps became available for Mac users. Chrome Desktop Apps bring the functionality of many popular web apps to your desktop. Chrome Desktop Apps work when you’re offline and sync when you reconnect to the web. You can find the Chrome Desktop Apps in the Chrome webstore in the For Your Desktop section.

I’ve already installed the WeVideo and Pixlr Chrome Desktop Apps. Pixlr is an app that I’ve used online for cropping and enhancing pictures. WeVideo is a video editing app that I’ve been using for a couple of years. I’m happy to have both of these apps available to me offline.

Applications for Education
When I saw the announcement about Chrome Desktop Apps for Mac my first thought was about students in my district who have MacBook Airs issued to them by the school, but don’t have internet access at home. For those students Chrome Desktop Apps could be help them work on projects that previously required web access.


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