Search for Data Tables Within Google Documents and Slides

Earlier today on Google+ Google announced the addition of data tables to the research menu in Google Documents. You can search for data tables by selecting “research” from the Tools drop-down menu in Google Documents and in Google Slides. To put the data into your document or slides you will have to copy and paste it. Citing the data and inserting a link to the data requires just one click. The screenshots below show you how to access the new data tables search option.

Click the image to view full size. 
Click the image to view full size.

Applications for Education
This afternoon I had a short Google+ exchange with Peter Vogel about the new data tables option. I shared that I could use the data tables search option when teaching students about data interpretation and analysis in current events. Peter, who teaches physics, mentioned that he is developing an assignment for students in which they’ll use the data tables search option too.


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