Reuse Custom Themes in Google Slides – And Other Enhancements

Earlier this fall Google added the option to create custom themes in Google Slides (the Google Drive presentation tool). Today, they added the option to reuse those themes throughout your presentations. Now when you create a new presentation in Google Slides you have the option to choose a theme from another presentation.

Another enhancement to Google Slides to note is the option to add any object to a theme. After adding an element to a slide, right-click on it to add it to the theme. This could be useful if you want to put a school logo on every slide in a presentation.

The final enhancement is one that should bring order to the occasionally chaotic process of collaborating on Google Slides. Now when you and your collaborators type on a slide your names will appear next to the cursor as you type. This should enable you to see who is typing what and when.

Click here to see screenshots of the new Google Slides features.


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