EWC Presenter – Create Animated Infographics

EWC Presenter is a new tool from Easy Web Content (a website creation and hosting service). EWC Presenter makes it easy to create slideshows, banner graphics, and interactive infographics. The slideshow creator and banner graphic creator don’t stand-out from other tools like them. The EWC Presenter’s infographic animation option is worth noting.

EWC Presenter’s infographic tool allows you to animate elements within your infographic. The video below demonstrates how that is done.

How to easily create animations online – HTML5 and mobile friendly from Easy WebContent on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
EWC Presenter could be an excellent tool for your students to use to create infographics based upon data that they research or gather on their own. Some student infographic projects that I’ve seen include comparing development data and community demographic data.


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