Calendly – Conveniently Schedule Meetings Through Google Calendar

Last week I shared directions for creating and scheduling appointment slots in Google Calendar. Today, I discovered a tool that makes it easier to create appointment slots in Google Calendar. Calendly integrates with your Google Calendar and makes it easy to create appointment slots with just a click or two. More importantly, people who want to schedule an appointment with you just have to click a time on your calendar and enter their names in order to reserve an appointment. Visitors do not have to have a Google Account to view or enter information into an appointment slot. Visitors who make appointments with you through Calendly can sync the appointment to their own Google Calendars, iCal, or Outlook calendars.

Applications for Education
Calendly could be a great tool to use to schedule parent conferences. I like that appointments will sync with non-Google calendars as that makes it accessible to parents who are dedicated iCal or Outlook users.


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