Six Months With a Chromebook

One of the concerns I often hear about Chromebooks, and a lot of other device for that matter, from people who are considering buying them revolves around how it will hold up over regular and consistent use. I’ve been using a Samsung Chromebook off and on since June, but I haven’t used it as my primary device. That is why I was happy to find Android Authority’s six month review of the Samsung Chromebook. The author used the Chromebook as his primary device for six months. You can read the full review here. A few of the bullet points of the review are posted below.

  • The Samsung Chromebook is nicely designed, despite being a copycat Macbook Air 
  • Chrome OS updates automatically and silently.
  • For $250, the performance well exceeds Windows notebooks and netbooks in the same price bracket
  • Performance suffers once you open up 10 or more tabs.
  • The display is subpar. 
  • Keyboard not backlit.

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