Register Now for the Wolfram Virtual Education Conference

Wolfram, the producers of the popular Wolfram Alpha computational search tool and Wolfram Mathmatica, is hosting a free virtual conference on September 17th. The event is focused on using Wolfram Mathmatica, Alpha, and CDF to support STEM teachers. The conference has two strands. One strand is focused on the how-to for your classroom. The other strand is focused on changing STEM curriculum.

The conference runs from 2pm to 6:30pm EDT on September 17th. You can get the complete details and register here.

Before the conference begins you might want to take a look at Wolfram Alpha for Educators. Wolfram Alpha for Educators is a collection of free lesson plans, examples of, and ideas for using Wolfram Alpha in the classroom. The lesson plans are currently arranged in three categories; mathematics, science, and social studies. All of the lesson plans are available as free pdf downloads. The lesson plans are labeled according to grade level, but you cannot see the grade level label until you download the lesson plan. In addition to the free lesson plans, Wolfram Alpha has a small collection of videos featuring teachers explaining how they are using Wolfram Alpha in their classrooms.


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