A Quick Tip About Editing In Apple’s Pages

I’ve been working on a rather large (currently 60+ pages) document all summer. Because it is an image-heavy document and because I like the templates that are available, I have been using Apple’s Pages to create this document. The problem I was having with the document for a while was that every time I tried to expand a section of the document and insert a new image, two, three, or ten other pages had elements shift on them too.

I shared this frustration with my friend Katrina Talley at Pearson OLE a few weeks ago. Katrina is also working on a similar document and was having the same problem. After commiserating for a while we started to explore various settings to see if we could alleviate our shared frustration. What we discovered was that rather than simply letting Pages expand our documents and automatically insert new pages when we added new text or images, it was better to simply manually insert a new page. By manually inserting new pages rather than allowing Pages to insert them for us, we found that each page can be edited individually without affecting the formatting of other pages in that section.

Perhaps this is old news, but I’m going to hazard a guess that there are others who have struggleed with the same problem Katrina and I had. Hopefully, this little tip helps those of you who have experienced the frustration with Pages that I experienced.


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