Free Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans for Middle School Students

The beginning of the school year is a great time to conduct lessons on digital citizenship and digital literacy. The knowledge and skills gained in those early lessons can serve students throughout the school year. Google has a good set of lesson plans on digital citizenship and digital literacy that middle school teachers should take a look at. The lesson plans are divided into three sections; becoming a digital sleuth, managing digital footprints, and identifying online tricks and scams. 

These digital citizenship lessons are part of Google’s Good to Know site. Good to Know is an excellent site on which you can find good and clear explanations of web basics.

Applications for Education
The detailed lesson plans can be saved in your Google Drive account. Even if you don’t use the entire lessons as they were written, they’re still saving in Google Drive to refer to as you build your own digital citizenship lesson plans. For example, at the end of the lesson on becoming a digital sleuth there is a list of sites to use to teach students about recognizing bias. That list of sites could be useful in developing your own lesson plans on digital literacy.


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