engVid – 500+ Free English Video Lessons

engVid is a free service that has produced more than 500 video lessons to help viewers learn to speak and write English. Eight instructors are featured on engVid. The instructors use a whiteboard to explain things like when to use “everyday” or “every day” and when to use “good” or “well.” Students learning to speak English can benefit from lessons on pronunciation, English slang, and common English expressions.

engVid videos are hosted on YouTube. Visit the engVid site to search for videos by topic. A sample engVid video is embedded below.

Applications for Education
My initial thought about engVid was that it would be a good resource for ELL students. As I sampled more of engVid’s videos I realized that it could be a good reference site for anyone in need of a little clarity on some of the trickier aspects of writing English (myself included at times).


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