Debate Graph Helps Students See All Aspects of Important Debates

Debate Graph is a great resource
that students can use to evaluate the many arguments in hot-button
global topics. By providing webbed diagrams of arguments students can
see and explore the many facets of debate.

To find a debate, visit the gallery of debates on Debate Graph.
There are seven formats in which you can view the parts of a debate. Those seven layouts are bubble view, tree view, radial graph view, box view, outline view, page view, and document view. Pick the format that works for you and your students. If you pick one of the bubble, tree, or graph views you’ll also be able to see an outline in the right-hand margin of the page. To explore a debate students just need to
click on any of the connected circles in a diagram. If you
want to create your own debate diagram or contribute to one that is
already started register for free on Debate Graph.

Applications for Education
Rarely are debates a simple two-sided matter. Debate Graph
provides students with a great tool for exploring the many facets of
debates. Students could also create their own Debate Graphs in
preparation for an in-person debate with classmates.


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