Best of 2013 So Far… Virtually Hike the Grand Canyon

We’re half-way through 2013. Like I’ve done in years past, this week I’ll be featuring some of the best new tech tools of 2013 as well as some of the most popular posts of the year.

Last fall Google announced that it had a team setting out to capture
“street view” imagery of trails through the Grand Canyon. Today, the
first batch of that imagery was released.
You can now explore more than 75 miles of trails in the Grand Canyon in
Street View (I think they should call it Trail View). Get a taste of
the imagery in the video below then start exploring the new Grand Canyon imagery.

Applications for Education
of my former colleagues used to teach an entire
unit on geology by walking students through the Grand Canyon with
pictures she had taken. The new Grand Canyon Street View imagery
will enable more teachers to use the same model for teaching geology.


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