11 Resume & Interview Tips for New Graduates

Even for adults who have been in the workforce for a while the prospect of searching, applying, and interviewing for jobs can be challenging. For recent college and high school graduates the process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Everyone wants to standout to prospective employers for the right reasons. Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You is a Slideshare presentation from Mark O’Toole. In the presentation he outlines not only why some candidates aren’t hired, but also what they can do to get noticed. The presentation is embedded below.

Applications for Education
As someone who did a bit of hiring of new employees for entry-level positions when I worked at FedEx, there are two items in the presentation above that I would emphasize to students. First, sometimes you didn’t do or say anything wrong in the interview, we just had a better applicant. That’s a hard lesson for young people to learn. My advice is to reflect on the interview and if you really think you did your best then just chalk-up the experience as practice for your next interview. Second, dress for success.


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