Math Chimp Presents Freddy’s Fractions – A Fractions Game for Kids

Math Chimp is a free site full of math games, videos, and other math review materials for elementary school and middle school students. Recently, Math Chimp released a new game called Freddy’s Fractions. In Freddy’s Fractions students help a sea turtle named Freddy find fractions that are larger or smaller than the one that is presented at the beginning of each level. Freddy’s Fractions is available to play in a web browser. Freddy’s Fractions is also available as a free Android app and as a free iPhone app.

Applications for Education
Freddy’s Fractions is just one of many activities available through Math Chimp. Like most educational games the games could be used as fun review activities, but they don’t offer much in the way of instruction. That said, the nice thing about Freddy’s Fractions is that it is available on three platforms which is handy in a BYOD environment or any classroom environment in which you have a mix of devices being used by students.


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