Join Me in Sunny Arizona for 3 Days of Learning Fun

For the second year in a row, Pearson Online Learning Exchange has invited me to speak at their Authentic Learning Workshop in Scottsdale, AZ July 16-18th.

During this 3-day workshop, educators will collaborate with innovative thought leaders about transformative ideas and practical tips for creating authentic learning experiences. This is a small event with plenty of time planned for collaborating to develop outstanding learning experiences for our students. I’ll be presenting keynotes that will be broadcasted virtually so if you’re unable to attend in person, be sure to register for the morning webinar sessions.

Why you should join me:

  • Meet and collaborate with other passionate educators like yourself who could become lifelong collaborators
  • Learn about new tools and best practices for creating authentic learning experiences
  • Participate in interactive sessions both in person and virtually
  • Receive a free 1-year subscription to Online Learning Exchange for in-person registration and a free 30-day trial of Online Learning Exchange for virtual participation
  • Opportunities to win great door prizes, including two $100 Amazon giftcards and an iPad mini.

This is a limited seating event so be sure to reserve your spot today for the 2013 Authentic Learning Workshop. Hope to see you there!

I know that sometimes when people think of Pearson they instantly think about it as a massive publishing company, it is one. That said, the Pearson OLE team that is running the Authentic Learning Workshop is not “corporate” at all. They are a fun bunch of people who are genuinely interested in helping teachers create better learning experiences for their students. I wouldn’t work with them if they weren’t.


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