New Tools Added to Wideo – Create Better Animated Videos

Wideo is a video creation tool that has impressed me since the first time that I tried it in February. Last month Wideo added a voiceover option. This week Wideo added two more options that I think you’ll like. Now you can quickly rearrange the sequence of the scenes in your videos through a new drag and drop scene arrangement tool. And this week Wideo added finer controls for every object in each of the scenes in your videos. Watch the videos below for short demonstrations of these new tools.

Scene arrangement.

Object control.


Applications for Education
With Wideo you could have your students creating explanatory videos in the Common Craft
style. The art of Common Craft videos is the way in which confusing
topics are boiled down to a concise explanation. If your students can do
the same with a topic in your class, they can prove that they know the


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