Tagboard – Organization for Following Hashtags

This morning while I was preparing to give a talk about personal learning networks at the TIE Conference in South Dakota I was watching the conference when I saw Gwynn Moore Tweet about Tagboard. Tagboard is free tool that allows you to enter any hashtag and view all of the Tweets, Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, and Vine posts associated with that hashtag. All of the posts are displayed in a bulletin board or Pinterest-like display. You can reTweet and or reply to messages while viewing Tagboard.

Applications for Education
One of the things that I always mention in my talk about online personal learning networks is that you don’t have to always be connected in order to benefit from having an online PLN. You can check in for fifteen to thirty minutes per day during the commercial breaks of your favorite television show and glean a lot of useful information in that time. A tool like Tagboard could enable to you catch up even faster because you will see more messages in the same amount of screen space. You can also participate in multiple social networks from the same screen while using Tagboard.


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