I love a good keynote…but…

I love to listen to a good keynote presentation. Dan Meyer’s Math Class Needs a Makeover is still one of the best I’ve seen in terms of challenging status quo in education. I also love to give a keynote when I’m offered the opportunity. But given the choice of attending a keynote-style presentation or a hands-on workshop, I’ll take the workshop nine times out of ten (there are some keynote speakers that are really, really good and some – Rushton Hurley is one educator I’d pay good money to see give a keynote). Likewise, while I enjoy giving keynotes I love even more the opportunity to spend hours working with teachers in hands-on workshops because at the end of the day I know for sure that those teachers are walking away with something new that they can use. This is why I’m so excited to lead the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp in July. I spent two years thinking about doing something like this and talking with trusted colleagues about offering it and now that it’s going to happen I can’t wait for July to get here. If you would like to join us eleven seats are currently available.


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