Students Will Enjoy Creating Fiction Stories With These Story Starters

Scholastic Story Starters is a great tool that students will enjoy using to create short, creative fiction stories. Scholastic Story Starters offers four story themes; fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, and scrambler. To create a story on Story Starters a students picks a theme, enter his or her name, chooses his or her grade, and spins the big wheels of prompts. The student can spin the wheels until he or she finds a prompt he or she likes. After the prompt is selected the student can write his or her story using the letter, postcard, notebook, or newspaper format provided by Scholastic Story Starters. When the story is finished it can be printed. Story Starters will work on your students’ iPads.

Applications for Education
Scholastic offers an extensive teacher’s guide to Story Starters. Scholastic suggests addressing some of the following story elements through the use of Story Starters.

  • How does the main character look and act? 
  • What happens in the beginning, middle, and end of this story? 
  • What words or phrases describe where the story takes place?
Thanks to Rich Kiker for sharing Story Starters on Google+. 

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