Screenhero Makes Almost Any Application Collaborative

Screenhero is a new screen sharing service that offers something that I don’t recall seeing in any of the other screen sharing services I’ve tried over the years. Screenhero offers the option for both parties (the sharer and the sharee) to use their mice to control an application. For example, I can share my screen with you and allow you to move things on my screen. Likewise, I can move things around on your screen. By sharing our screens through Screenhero any desktop application becomes a collaborative application. Watch the one minute video below to see how Screenhero works.

Applications for Education
The free version of Screenhero allows you to share your screen with one other person at a time. My first thought when looking at Screenhero is that it could be great for providing tech help remotely. I also think that Screenhero could be a good tool for students to use when they’re using an application like Garage Band that is not collaborative for a collaborative project. By sharing their screens through Screenhero both students will be able to access and work on the same files.

H/T to Lifehacker


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