Problem Attic Now Offers 80,000+ Practice Questions in Math, Science, Social Studies, and ELA

Problem Attic
is a free service that allows you to quickly create practice tests and
flashcards for social studies, language arts, mathematics, and science. I reviewed the service last fall. Since then it has nearly doubled the number of practice questions that are available for teachers to use to create practice assessments and flashcards. Problem Attic now includes questions from past standardized tests of seventeen U.S. states.

Problem Attic makes it easy to create practice assessments and flashcards. To create your practice tests on Problem Attic you simply create a new
document then browse through questions and pin them to your document.
After you have pinned all of the questions that you want in your
document you can arrange the order in which they appear in your
document. Finally, before printing your document you choose and set the
page formatting.

Applications for Education
One of my former department chairpersons was a big fan of using old New
York Regents exam questions as essay prompts and review activities with
his students. In my travels and work with teachers in other parts of the
U.S. I’ve talked with other teachers who also like to use old exams for
the same purpose. If you like to use old exam questions as review
materials, Problem Attic is a service that you should try.


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