5 Good Task Managements Services for Teachers and Students

This afternoon I was looking at a web-based to-do list service and I was about to write a review of it when I realized that it wouldn’t function well on my iPad. The way that we work today requires that our to-do lists and task management services be accessible from whichever device we’re using at the time. Here are five to-do list and task management tools that work on the web, on Android devices, and on iOS devices.

Astrid is a to-do list
management service that functions on the web, on Android devices, and on
iOS devices. To get started using Astrid you can register with a Google
account, Facebook account, or you can register for an Astrid account. Once you’re registered you can start creating lists of tasks to complete. Astrid
provides four default list categories but you can add more if you like.
Each task that you enter can be assigned a due date. Astrid can be used
collaboratively. If so desire you can share your task lists with others
in Astrid.

 Todoist is a task management service that impresses me with its clean design and
intuitive user interface. Todoist on
the web makes it easy to create to-do lists in chronological order or in
order of priority. One of the features that I think a lot of people will like is its
synchronization with Outlook and Gmail. This synchronization makes it
easy to set reminders to follow-up on emails. Todoist allows you to
share your lists with others so that you can divide the work load of
group projects. Todoist offers
Android and iOS apps that provide a variety
of ways to manage your to-do lists anywhere that you go.

Fetchnotes is a neat service for creating and keeping notes online. Fetchnotes uses an interface for creating and sharing notes that will feel familiar to Twitter users. When you write a note, just use a hashtag to label your note. Then
whenever you want to search for a note just enter a hashtag. For
example, if I was a student taking notes in a history course I might use
the hashtag “#revolution” for all notes related to revolutions. Then I
could go back and read all of my notes about revolution by just
searching for that hashtag. When you want to share a note with someone in your contacts you can do so by just putting “@” before the person’s name. Fetchnotes works on the web and offers Android and iOS apps.

Any.DO is a slick collaborative task management tool that initially launched as an Android app. Any.DO now offers iOS and Chrome apps too. Any.DO is designed for creating to-do lists
and sharing them with your friends and colleagues. On Any.DO you can
type out a list of tasks or enter tasks by speaking into your phone.
Once you’ve entered your task you can assign it to a day and time for
completion. After assigning a completion deadline you can share that
task with anyone in your contacts list even that person doesn’t have the
Any.DO app installed on his or her phone. Any.DO also gives you the option to attach
notes to your tasks, set reminders for your tasks, and put notes into
folders that you’ve created.

Wunderlist is a free task management service that syncs across all of the devices that you use. Wunderlist works the same way on iOS, Android, and in your web browser. Creating task lists in Wunderlist
is an intuitive process. Just click the “new list” button and start
typing out your list of things to do. You can create as many lists as
you like within your account. You could create a list of things to do at
home and things to do at school. Or you could create lists for the
week, the month, and the year. You can set a due date for each task in
all of your lists. All lists can be shared if you would like others to
access them.


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