Handy New Diigo Browser Extension Features

Over the last month I’ve started using Diigo as my primary tool for bookmarking links. Yesterday, Diigo released a new version of their browser extension. The updated extension includes some features that are quite handy.

The most significant of the updates is a streamlined screenshot process. Now you can click the browser extension to take a screenshot of the page that you’re viewing. You can capture all or part of a page in your screenshot. Your screenshot can be annotated with the integrated Diigo drawing and typing tools. All screenshots can be saved as individual files in your Diigo account or attached to the URL that you’re bookmarking.

The updated Diigo browser extension now includes the option to save images that you find on the web as stand-alone files or attach them to a URL that you’re bookmarking.

Why I’m now using Diigo more often than Evernote:
I’m sure that some people will be wondering why I’ve started using Diigo more than Evernote. The answer is simple, over the last month Evernote was annoying me with little quirks like significant lags in synchronization time and the browser bookmarklet not opening correctly on the first try.

If you’ve never tried Diigo, watch the video below for an overview of its features. Click here for a list of the browser and mobile tools that Diigo offers.

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
I’ve always thought that Diigo’s group options were great for sharing bookmarks with students and colleagues. The screenshot option in the updated browser extension could be great for highlighting a portion of an article and sharing it with students. Annotating screenshots is also a great way to create how-to documents to use when you’re introducing students to a new web tool.


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