Five Good Feeds for ELA and ELL Teachers

Earlier this week I shared five good feeds for mathematics teachers and five good feeds for history teachers. These lists were born out of a common request that I get and that is “can you recommend some good blogs for X?” So this week I’m going to
publish a short list each day of the blogs that usually come to mind
when someone asks me to make a recommendation for a blog related to
teaching a particular subject area. Today, I have five good feeds for ELA and ELL teachers.

This list cannot begin without mentioning Larry Ferlazzo. He says that his blog is for sharing websites that will help you teach ELL, ESL, and EFL, but really anyone can benefit from subscribing to Larry’s blog. He regularly shares resources that can be used in all subject areas.

Kevin’s Meandering Mind written by Kevin Hodgson is a must-read for anyone interested in the use of digital storytelling and games in their language arts lessons. Kevin also regularly posts book reviews. Take a look at his recent post about using Stykz for creating stopmotion movies.

Jeffrey Hill’s The English Blog is a good resource for teachers of high school age and older ELL/ ESL students. The English Blog regularly features political cartoons and news clips that can be used in ELL/ ESL lessons.

Life Feast written by Ana Marie Menezes is an excellent blog for teachers interested in using technology in elementary and middle school ELL/EFL lessons. Check out this post about using VOKI with EFL students for a sense of what you’ll get by following Life Feast.

Jim Burke’s English Companion is more of a website of excellent resources than it is a blog. If you haven’t bookmarked it, you should. Follow Jim Burke on Twitter to keep up with what he’s doing and sharing.


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