Better Editing Options Added to Meograph’s 4D Storytelling Tools

Meograph is a free tool for creating four dimensional digital stories. I’ve been following and writing about the service since it launched because I think it really is a good tool for sharing stories. Using Meograph you can create a digital story that uses a timeline, a Google Map, images, videos, and your narration. This month Meograph added some editing tools to make it easier to produce your story.

Theses are the new editing options in Meograph:

  • Precision video selection: Video start/stop times are now text-editable to the decimal place, to get the exact clip you want.
  • Map drag-n-drop: Reposition map markers easily, to get the exact location you want.
  • Longer narration: Now record up to 20 seconds per moment, to get the exact voiceover you want.

Applications for Education
Meograph offers an education page on which they are featuring examples of using the service in education. I’ve embedded one of the samples below.


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