Vizaroo – Collect Student Feedback in Diagrams

Vizaroo is a new service that reminds me a bit of Socrative and Infuse Learning. The idea behind Vizaroo is to use the web to collect instant feedback from students in your classroom. Much like Socrative and Infuse Learning students can use Vizaroo from any device that connects to the Internet.

Vizaroo is still in a closed beta, but it appears to be trying to differentiate itself from similar services in the way that it displays feedback collected from students. Student feedback can be displayed in a web format of connected ideas, a Venn diagram format, or in a simple “yes or no” two column format.

Applications for Education
Vizaroo looks like it could be a good way to collect anonymous responses to questions that you pose in your classroom. Services like Vizaroo gives the shy student the opportunity to have his or her opinion heard by classmates and teachers.


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