How to Print Posters With a Standard Printer

This week I’m taking a few days off to ski, play with my dogs, visit with friends and family, and generally recharge my batteries. If you’re on vacation this week too, I hope that you’re having a great vacation. While I’m away I’m rerunning the most popular posts of the year. The selections are based on pageviews during 2012.

often run across infographics that could be great posters to hang in a
classroom if only there was an easy way to print them poster-sized. Most
teachers don’t have ready access to printers that can handle
poster-sized paper, but do have access to standard letter-size printers.
Thanks to a recent blog post by Joyce Valenza I have discovered a way that you can print posters using a standard inkjet or laser printer.

Block Posters
is a web-based tool to which you can upload a high quality graphic then
divide it into letter-sized chunks for printing. Print out each section
and put them together on a poster board to make your own poster.

Applications for Education
If you find a great infographic like this one about our solar system that you want to display in your classroom, Block Posters
could be a great tool for you to use. Want to create a giant jigsaw
puzzle? Block Posters could be useful for that. Or if you have students
create their own infographics that they want to display, print them out
with Block Posters. Speaking of creating infographics, click here and here to learn about a couple of tools for creating infographics.


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