Three Good Videos About The Electoral College

Voting Day in the U.S. is just around the corner now. As the results of the Presidential Election roll-in your students may have questions about The Electoral College. Here are three videos that could help your students wrap their minds around how The Electoral College votes are tallied as well as some arguments for and against The Electoral College.

Common Craft’s The Electoral College in Plain English has been my go-to explanatory video on the topic for years. The system is presented without bias, just the facts and none of the pro-con arguments.

TED-Ed has a new video about The Electoral College that explains how the votes are tallied then jumps into a little bit of the pro-con arguments about it. As someone who spent a lot of time researching and numbers-crunching The Electoral College as an undergraduate (my exit thesis was fifty pages of Electoral College fun) I think that the TED-Ed video leaves out some key points in both arguments, but it is an adequate primer for high school students.

Finally, Keith Hughes has a video about the 2000 Presidential Election. The video is about all of the key issues associated with that election including the Supreme Court’s final ruling on Bush v. Gore.


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