uSpeak HD – A Nice App for Learning Spanish

uSpeak HD is a free iPad app designed to help beginners learn Spanish. The app matches you with word lists and learning activities based on your current level of knowledge of Spanish. Before you even register on the service you take a quick assessment to match you to the appropriate lists and activities. Once you’ve registered all of your progress is stored in your uSpeak account.

uSpeak’s word lists are organized in webs of related words. Click on any web to reveal the words. Then click on a word to reveal a web of in-context uses of that word, images associated with that word, and synonyms and antonyms for your chosen word.

uSpeak’s learning games include matching words to images,  matching translations, and word association games.

Applications for Education
uSpeak HD could be useful in helping students acquire Spanish vocabulary knowledge. The webs and in-context examples could help students get a better understanding of how words fit together. The app advertises sound files of pronunciations but those files weren’t working when I tried the app. Hopefully, that feature will be working soon.


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