Why Don’t You Rank Your Lists?

Credit: Quite Adept

A question that I am often asked is, “why don’t you rank the resources you share?” The answer is simple, in most cases there are too many variables in every teacher’s and school’s situation for me to make a blanket statement that something is the best. That said, when I go to work with teachers in-person I can get all of the variable information about their situations and recommend things that are probably the best for them. But writing a blog post that is potentially read by thousands of teachers declaring something as “the best” is not something I’m comfortable doing. Therefore, when I do write lists with a hint of ranking, the ranking is based purely on popularity with readers as determined by the number of visits to a post.

Don’t take my lack of ranked lists as me not having an opinion about apps, devices, and web tools. I have plenty of opinions and occasionally they pop-up on this blog. I generally stay away from writing opinion pieces because for the most part I write this blog to share news and provide teachers with options when looking for technology to use in their practices.

The possible exception to my ranking policy is my recent published PDF 12 Awesome EdTech Tools for 2012-2013. Even that list took me three days of deliberations to choose because there are so many excellent tools available to teachers today.


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