Skitch 2.0 – Available For All iOS Devices and More

Skitch is one of my favorite drawing and image annotation apps for iPad and Android. Many people love using it on the Macs too. Today, Evernote (owners of Skitch) announced that now Skitch is available for iPhone and iPod touch.

In addition to the announcement that Skitch can now be used on all iOS devices, Evernote announced some other new features of Skitch 2.0. Now that Skitch is fully integrated into Evernote all of your Skitch projects are automatically synched to your Evernote account making your drawings available to you any time you connect to the web. Skitch 2.0 has a new tool for pixelating parts of an image.

Applications for Education
The pixelation feature could be obscuring faces in pictures that you post online. If you have pictures of classroom activities that you want to post on your blog but you don’t want students’ faces to be seen, use the pixelation tool to obscure them.

For more ideas on using Skitch as a teaching tool, check out Skitch as a Teaching Tool.


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