Now You Can Use ClassDojo on Your iPad

If you  signed into your ClassDojo account this morning you may have noticed a new mobile option is now available to you. Today, ClassDojo officially released an iPhone and iPad app. I received the news last week and it was embargoed until today, but I have already had a chance to the try the app.

The ClassDojo iOS app gives you access to all of your class rosters and all of the behavior reporting tools that you would use in the browser-based version of ClassDojo. You can access all of your classes and give out positive and negative marks to students through the app. You can’t, however, create new classes through the app.

Red Sox fans, note who was marked down for being unprepared in my demo class. 

Applications for Education
ClassDojo is quickly becoming a very popular tool for keeping records of students’ classroom behavior. I had a Twitter conversation with someone last week (I’m sorry I didn’t write down who) who was ClassDojo as a way to award points for participation in classroom discussions as the discussion were happening. And if students are logged-in to their accounts they can track their progress too.

Click here for a more thorough break-down of ClassDojo’s features.

Disclosure: ClassDojo is running an ad campaign on Free Technology for Teachers. 


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